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Glycative stress research

Online edition : ISSN 2188-3610 | Print edition : ISSN 2188-3602


Original Article

Effect of mats with “A Distinctive 4-Layer 3 -Dimensional Structure” on sleep quality and nocturnal blood glucose: A crossover trial.

Mari Ogura 1), Atsuhiko Hattori 2), Masayuki Yagi 1), Wakako Takabe 1) Takuto Nonomura 3),
Yoji Shimura 3), Midori Ando 3), Yoshikazu Yonei 4)

1) Anti-Aging Medical Research Center and Glycative Stress Research Center, Faculty of Life and Medical Sciences,
Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan
2) College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Chiba, Japan
3) Japan Research Laboratory of Sleep Science, Nishikawa Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan


Volume.6(1):64-67 | 記事一覧 | Volume.6(1):39-48